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Dear all,

Today's update provides some level of anonymity to channels operating in less open countries. (Sadly, it came to our awareness that a handful of channels require this feature) - so here it is - as always, completely free of charge.
Dear buyers, whatever the reason might be for the channel owner to restrict his content, please RESPECT the decision. WatchFighters will not interfere.

To configure region blocking, please visit the new settings page:

On the "Settings" page, find " You, the Creator", and click on:

What is region blocking?
  • Channel owners can configure a list of countries from which their channel is not accessible.

We all know that this is not a piece of happy news, but please don't give a thumbs down. Instead, celebrate the flexibility of

Best Regards,

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2022-09-07 22:25

So, are you saying that as a content provider that I am responsible for policing my video content from countries that restrict it, and that I must know these countries and setup blocking to those countries within my profile? Please clarify...

The Tech

2022-09-08 19:54

(In reply to this)

You can optional region block your content from any country. How or if you use this feature is up to you. Some content creators asked us to provide this feature.