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We provide you with all the tools you need, so you can focus on filming.

Feature Rich Hosting

At WatchFighters, we extend every courtesy to you as the creator. We love fighting videos, and we want to create the best place for you to host and monetize them.

Our monetization system is designed to give you full freedom you can set monthly subscription, and offer videos for a fix amount. You as the creator decide if the video is streaming only, or can be downloaded, you can even choose a surcharge for the download options. Your fans and viewers, can stream the video, and if they love it, buy the download version later.

Online streaming


Monthly subscriptions

Sell individual videos

Bundle discounts

Multi currency support

Planned releases


Why choose us?

We offer you full service, the friendliest rates in the industry and many ways to help you make the most out of your creations.

7 day

We are offering

  • Easy to use site
  • Transparent pricing, each transactions is represented in your personal wallet
  • Fully customizable channel pages
  • Total control over your content
  • Options for collaboration and revenue sharing with other channels
  • Tons of features ranging from playlists to gift codes. See some highlights below

Lowest commission of 🔥 16% 🔥

We crush the competition
No hidden fees, no extra costs.
You, the content creator, set the price. 🔥84% goes to your bank account. As you save much money with us with your sales over our competitors, we optionally enable you to support a charity organization of your choice with each sale.
Full Dashboard

Our fully featured dashboard keeps you informed of your channel's financials and helps you make your decisions.

Custom Requests

Negotiate a price and content directly and fullfill the fantasy of your buyer.

Fast Streaming

Let your viewers enjoy fast streaming and downloads for a premium experience.

Your Cause

You can choose to direct a percentage of your income to a charity of your choice.

World wide payments

We accept payments from over 150+ countries and work with multiple payment providers. No credit card? No problem, we even accept wire transactions.

Channel Editor

Use our channel editor to create a unique look for your channel's landing page. Choose features such as a guest book, polls, and many more. No HTML or programing knowledge needed!

Control Refunds

Channels can directly and easily refund they fans and viewers.

Free Support

Personalized Support for your channel, and your viewers. 7 days a week.

Scheduled releases

Upload your videos, trailer, and set the price. Release the video ASAP or set a date up to 30 days ahead.

Sales and Promotions

We give you many options to boost your sales. You can promote your posts or drive sales with limited time discounts.

Constant development

Websites need constant love and maintenance to stay on top of the fast-changing online industry. We are as dedicated to creating the best platform out there as you are to your videos. You need custom feature? Contact us!

Roster and Cast

You have recurring actors in your videos? Set up your roster, describing each actor on their on pages, enhanced with introductions and photos. Easily link your videos to your actor pages and let your viewers quickly find more from the same wonder!

Region blocking

Your content, your rules. You don't want your neighbor finding you? You can decide to make your content unavailable in countries of your choice.

Close and Personal

Get a direct line of communication with your fans and supporters.

Adult frendly

Adult content welcome. Your content is to hot for YouTube? Great! ;) Bring it over!

So that's why we think we are the best platform for your content: incredibly low commission rate, but packed full of features, with the aim to give as much control as possible to the content creator. Setup and registration is of course free and fast - bring your monetized video online in less then 10 minutes. Explore our site, in case of any questions don't hesitate to contact us.
Free migration service: You have a lot of videos and like to upload them? Contact us, we will try to find or develop a solution to copy your content automatically to our site. So you don't need to sit for hours in front of your computer uploading files.

We are looking forward to hosting your content soon!