WatchFighters Platform Policy: Content Moderation and Creator Verification

  1. Introduction

    Welcome to WatchFighters, where our mission is to cultivate a secure, respectful, and legally compliant platform dedicated to the erotic wrestling community. Recognizing the significance of establishing a safe space, we are committed to ensuring that our content mirrors the interests of our audience while respecting their boundaries.

    In upholding these principles, we aim to provide an environment that seamlessly blends enjoyment with respect. Our goal is to maintain WatchFighters as a trusted and valued community for our users, fostering a space where everyone can engage comfortably.

    For partners seeking a more in-depth understanding of our operational processes, we welcome requests for access to our internal documentation. This documentation comprehensively outlines our Content Moderation and Creator Verification policies, offering valuable insights into the meticulous steps we take to uphold the integrity of our platform.

  2. Policy Scope

    This policy applies to all content uploaded to the WatchFighters platform, including videos, thumbnails, titles, and descriptions. It is designed to protect our community and comply with legal requirements, and is regularly reviewed and updated.

  3. KYC Scope

    The Know Your Customer (KYC) process is an integral part of ensuring safety and legal compliance on the WatchFighters platform. This process is applicable to all content creators who wish to upload and share content, including videos, thumbnails, titles, and descriptions.

    1. Key aspects of the KYC scope include:
      1. Identity Verification: All content creators are required to undergo a thorough identity verification process. This crucial step is designed to confirm legal age and identity, prevent underage use, and ensure accountability.
      2. Data Privacy and Security: We are committed to respecting the privacy and security of information collected during the KYC process, in compliance with international data protection regulations.
      3. Enforcement: Non-compliance with our KYC requirements may lead to restricted platform access, including limitations on the ability to upload and share content.
  4. Content Review Process
    1. Content Review Timeliness
      1. Review Time Expectations: Our commitment is to review content within two hours during Central European Time (CET) business hours and within 12 hours outside of these times. However, due to the complexity or specific nature of the content, the review process may occasionally take longer.
      2. Scheduling System for Video Release: Content creators are advised to use our scheduling system for releasing their videos. To facilitate the review process, videos cannot be scheduled for release within the next 12 hours after submission, including for custom requests.
      3. Advanced Upload Recommendation: We recommend uploading videos at least 24-48 hours before the planned release time. This advanced timeline allows for any potential review-related delays, high demand periods, or the need for reuploads in case of initial rejection. Providing this buffer ensures a smoother release process and reduces the risk of unforeseen delays impacting your planned content schedule.
    2. Review and Approval
      1. Content Review Process: Every video submitted to our platform undergoes a comprehensive review process to ensure it meets our Terms of Service (TOS). This process is designed to maintain the highest standards of content quality and compliance.
      2. Communication with Content Creators: We are committed to clear and constructive communication with our content creators. In cases where submissions do not meet our guidelines, we provide feedback to guide creators in making necessary adjustments.
      3. Approval and Rejection Protocol: Our team diligently reviews all submissions, approving those that align with our guidelines and identifying those that require revision or cannot be accepted. Our focus is on maintaining a safe, respectful, and compliant online environment.
      4. Notification System: Content creators are promptly informed about the outcome of their submissions. If a video is not approved, we provide reasons and, where possible, guidance for resubmission.
    3. Violation Categories

      The following categories are used to classify content violations on our platform. It's important to note that while these categories help determine the process and severity of actions taken, all content falling under any of these categories is prohibited and subject to removal or corrective measures.

      1. Data Violations (Yellow): These violations include issues with video titles, thumbnails, descriptions, and certain aspects of the video content itself, such as unauthorized advertising. They pertain to both metadata and specific content elements that do not comply with the platform's Terms of Service.
      2. Minor Violations (Orange): These are infractions that breach our Terms of Service but are less severe in nature. They require rectification and adherence to our guidelines and may not warrant the most severe corrective actions.
      3. Major Violations (Red): Serious breaches of our Terms of Service that represent significant infractions. These demand immediate and strict action due to their severe nature.

        For a detailed list of specific violations under each category, please refer to the "Prohibited content" section below. This list includes clear definitions and examples to aid in understanding the specific nature of each violation.

  5. Prohibited content

    Our Content Moderation Policy is designed to maintain a safe and lawful environment on our platform. These definitions and examples provide clarity and guidance for both our content creators and our moderation team, ensuring that all content, regardless of category, aligns with our ethical standards and legal obligations. All content falling under any of these categories is prohibited and subject to removal or corrective measures.

    In line with our Commitment to Continuous Improvement as stated in the policy, we reserve the right to adjust and update the rules and guidelines pertaining to prohibited content.

    1. Data Violations (Yellow)
      1. Advertising Competitor Sites (incl. links in the video): Videos should not promote or contain links to competing platforms. For example, a video description containing a link to another adult content site.
      2. Duplicate Content: Do not upload videos that are already available on our site. This rule applies to all content types, including free or monetized videos, and trailers, regardless of whether it's on your channel or elsewhere on the site. To distribute a video across multiple channels, use our co-creator feature.
      3. Banned Words - Using or Bypassing: Deliberately misspelling or using alternative terms for banned words to evade our filters. For instance, spelling "Example" as "Ex@mpl3".
      4. Copyright Infringement or Piracy: Unauthorized use or distribution of copyrighted material.
      5. Commercial Solicitation: Unauthorized or inappropriate attempts to sell goods or services, including spamming or phishing.
      6. False Advertisement: Misleading claims in video titles or descriptions, like promising content that is not actually in the video.
      7. Personal or Confidential Information Disclosure: Sharing personal data without consent.
      8. No SCAM or 'Rip Off' (Except Clearly Marked): We prohibit scamming and deceptive 'rip off' content, except in cases where it is clearly marked as part of a fantasy or role-play theme. While this allowance is made for creative expression, genuinely misleading or exorbitantly priced content intended to deceive or defraud users is strictly off-limits to protect our users from actual financial harm.
      9. Phishing or Deceptive Practices: Attempts to fraudulently acquire sensitive information.
      10. Manipulative Use of Bots or Automated Systems: Using bots for artificial engagement or metric manipulation.
      11. Malware or Harmful Software Distribution: Distributing software that could harm users or their devices.
      12. Other - Discretionary Content Removal: WatchFighters reserves the sole right to remove any content from our platform at our discretion. While we strive to provide detailed reasons for content removal to maintain transparency with our content creators, there may be instances where we opt not to disclose the specific rationale. This measure is crucial to safeguard the platform's integrity and to comply with evolving legal and community standards.
    2. Minor Violations (Orange)
      1. Underage - In the Background or in a Non-Sexual Situation: Presence of minors in any part of content, even if they are in the background or not directly involved in sexual activities. For instance, a minor being visible in the background of a scene, regardless of the context, breaches this policy. In instances where the content depicts sexual activity and involves minors, it escalates to a "Major Violation (Red)" under our policy, adhering to our unwavering commitment to safeguard minors and uphold legal and ethical standards.
      2. Account Take-Over / Teamviewer: Unauthorized access or control over another user's account, often through remote desktop software like Teamviewer.
      3. Restriction on Non-Consensual and Excessive Violence: While WatchFighters allows sport-related physical activities such as intense man-to-man or man-to-woman wrestling, gut punching, NHB (No Holds Barred), Rip and strip, Lift and carry, Cock fighting and Nipple play, matches within consensual and safe boundaries, any form of non-sportive violence or excessive harm is strictly prohibited. These activities must ensure explicit participant consent and adhere to safety standards. For guidelines on non-sportive physical interactions, particularly in BDSM contexts, refer to our BDSM Content Guidelines below, which outlines permissible practices emphasizing consent and safety.
      4. Violation of our BDSM Content Guidelines: Violations occur when BDSM content on our platform deviates from the established BDSM Content Guidelines, but does not constitute a severe breach.
      5. Animal Present with Nude Actors: Any content that includes animals in a setting involving nudity or sexual activity.
      6. Blackmail/Data Exposure: Threatening to reveal sensitive data of a user or using content for coercion.
      7. Crushing/Eating a whole Living / Formerly Creature: Depictions of harm or cruelty to animals, living or dead.
      8. Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia: Display or use of illegal substances, or promoting drug use.
      9. Hidden Camera: Content that appears to be non-consensually recorded or invades privacy.
      10. Intoxication / Intoxication-Encouragement: Promoting or displaying intoxication, or encouraging viewers to consume drugs.
      11. Racial Hate Speech or Hate Symbols: Content that includes racial slurs, derogatory language, or symbols known for promoting hate.
      12. Incest (Simulated Only): Depictions of incestuous relationships are permissible only in a clearly simulated, fictional context. It is important that all involved performers are not related by blood and this fact must be explicitly clarified within the content. Real incest, or any content that could be perceived as real rather than simulated, is strictly prohibited.
      13. Religious Desecration / Religious Hate Speech: Content that shows disrespect to religious symbols or promotes hate speech against any religion.
      14. Harassment or Cyberbullying: Targeting individuals or groups for abuse or bullying.
      15. Fecal Matter: Content involving fecal matter in a sexual context.
    3. Major Violations (Red)
      1. Underage: Depictions of minors in sexual contexts.
      2. Bestiality: Depictions of sexual acts involving animals.
      3. Cannibalism: Display or suggestion of human cannibalism.
      4. Cash Meets: Content suggesting or promoting prostitution or monetary exchange for sexual acts.
      5. Necrophilia: Content depicting sexual acts with corpses.
      6. Non-Consensual Acts (Excluding Consensual Non-Consent Scenarios): Content that depicts or suggests non-consensual sexual acts. This policy excludes scenarios where all parties have given prior consent to participate in consensual non-consent roleplay. Such content must be clearly presented as fictional and consensual by all participants.
      7. Prohibition of Real Abduction or Kidnapping: Our platform strictly prohibits any content that depicts or suggests actual abduction or kidnapping. We only permit content that features abduction or kidnapping in a clearly simulated, fictional context. It must be explicitly clear in such content that all scenarios are role-play, with all participants being willing actors fully aware of the nature of the performance. The portrayal must be done in a manner that cannot be misconstrued as real, ensuring no misunderstanding about the fictional nature of the content.
      8. Snuff or Murder: Content that appears to depict actual murder or suggests real-life acts of killing.
      9. Suicide / Suicide Encouragement: Content that depicts, glorifies, or encourages suicide.
    4. BDSM Content Guidelines

      These guidelines are designed to ensure that all BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Sadism, and Masochism) content on WatchFighters is legally compliant, respectful of participant well-being, and adheres to the principles of informed consent, fostering a responsible environment for exploring BDSM themes.

      1. Consensual BDSM Activities:
        1. We permit BDSM content that is based on mutual consent, safety, and adherence to "safe, sane, and consensual" (SSC) or "risk-aware consensual kink" (RACK) principles.
        2. All participants must have a clear understanding of the activities and provide explicit consent.
      2. Limits and Safety Measures:
        1. BDSM content must demonstrate adherence to established limits and agreed-upon safety measures.
        2. The use of safe words or signals, as well as appropriate safety equipment and practices, is mandatory to prevent serious injury.
      3. Prohibition of Permanent Harm:
        1. Activities resulting in permanent harm, posing severe health risks, or leading to irreversible injury, severe psychological trauma, or permanent physical marks are not allowed.
      4. Documentation of Consent:
        1. Creators are required to maintain and provide clear documentation of consent from all participants, especially when content is flagged for review.
      5. Education and Responsibility:
        1. Creators should aim to educate their audience about BDSM, focusing on consent, safety, and mutual respect.
        2. This education is crucial in promoting a healthy and informed understanding of BDSM practices.
      6. Prohibited Activities:
      7. Non-consensual BDSM acts, underage participation, and activities involving animals are strictly prohibited.
    5. Policy on Repeated or Major Violations

      At WatchFighters, we recognize that human errors and oversights can occur, and we believe in providing opportunities for correction and learning. However, maintaining the safety and integrity of our platform is our utmost priority. Therefore, while we are open to second chances in certain circumstances, we must draw a clear line when it comes to repeated or major violations of our Terms of Service. In these instances, we adhere to a zero-tolerance policy to ensure a safe, respectful, and legally compliant environment for all our users.

      1. Zero Tolerance for Major Violations (Red): We maintain a strict stance against major violations of our Terms of Service. Such violations result in immediate and irrevocable actions, including termination of the content creator's account and a permanent ban from our platform.
      2. Monitoring Repeated Violations: Our system tracks the frequency and severity of violations by each content creator. Repeated minor or data violations, despite warnings and opportunities to rectify, will lead to escalated actions.
      3. Escalation Protocol: For content creators who consistently violate our guidelines, we implement a step-wise escalation of sanctions. This may range from temporary restrictions on content uploads to a final and complete ban from the platform.
      4. Transparency and Communication: In cases of account termination or other severe actions, we ensure clear communication with the affected content creator. They are provided with detailed reasons for the decision, adhering to our commitment to transparency and fairness.
      5. Review and Appeal Process: While we stand firm on our TOS, we also offer a review and appeal process for content creators who believe their content was unjustly flagged or their account unfairly terminated. This ensures that our enforcement actions are always subject to scrutiny and accountability.
      6. Preventative Measures and Education: In our commitment to a safe and respectful online environment, we provide educational resources to content creators about our TOS and acceptable content standards. Our aim is to prevent violations through awareness and understanding, rather than solely relying on punitive measures.
  6. Commitment to Continuous Improvement

    Recognizing the dynamic nature of online content and community standards, WatchFighters is committed to continuously improving our content moderation system. We invest in training, technology, and partnerships to enhance our capabilities and effectiveness in maintaining a safe and lawful online environment.

  7. Amendments

    CMWF Services LLC ("CMWF Services") may, at its sole discretion, update and amend this policy periodically to reflect changes in legal standards, community guidelines, or company practices. Such updates are aimed at ensuring compliance with evolving legal requirements, maintaining the integrity of community guidelines, and aligning with the best practices and standards of the company.

    Upon making any substantive changes to this policy, CMWF Services will provide reasonable notice to content creators.