Site news #21 Scheduled videos, "All Video category," and much more!

Dear all,

In the past weeks, almost every couple of days, a new update had arrived! Here are the highlights:

  • Scheduled video releases
    • Content creators can upload and configure the video and select a publishing date up to 30 days ahead.
  • New Category added, which holds all videos:
    • All videos
    • More filter options will be added for this category in one of our future site updates.
  • Viewers can now use leftovers in the wallet (previously, the wallet was only available if it could cover the whole amount, but now partial amounts are working too.)
  • Links on to are now embedded -> only for NEW MeetFighter posts.
  • Adjustments to the wallet view on mobile devices or narrow screens.

And, of course, bugfixes and general improvements.

Enjoy the site!

Best Regards,

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2022-09-18 21:34

Really like I can use leftover in wallet to purchase now


2022-09-21 02:21

Appreciate the updates. I’m enjoying this site and I look forward to meeting new guys from this !