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sicwre88 accepts requests for custom videos

I'm available for custom requests for the following scenes:

  • Submission (semicompetitive) fights
  • Promission fights
  • Heel vs Jobber setups (both as heel and jobber), One sided domination
  • Holds trading (scissors, camels, full nelsons etc), back and forth
  • Erotic wrestling (facesitting, crotch to face, teasing, massaging)
  • Oil/soap wrestling
  • Armwrestling
  • Gutpunching
  • BDSM with high enfasy on Bondage (Within the fight or aside)
  • Muscle and feet worship
  • Ballbusting and CBT
  • Light Breathcontrol

Gear can be:

  • Singlets
  • Speedos
  • Trunks
  • Masks
  • Socks or Barefeet

Try to be more specific as possible, to be sure I fully understand the desired scene. Include minimum video duration. Processed video in 1080p quality.

Number of fighters two, maximum three. Including myself. Male vs male scenes only.
Creating of the requested scene depends on collaborators availability and scene requests/constrains. Scenes mainly on ground, some actions may be stand up fighting depending on script and hold to apply.

No requests for:

  • Blood, heavy pain, permanent marks
  • Competitive context with high injuries risk
  • Sexual abuse
  • Scenes with any risk for actors' safety

Custom Request

Reviews 6

Anonymous buyer

Really enjoyed this custom! Sicwre88 and ChrisInRO were fantastic and did everything I asked of them. Very easy to arrange this and I will certainly consider them for my next custom. Thanks!



This is exactly how it was requested. The best custom! Thank you!


Anonymous buyer

I really loved all the different camera angles and how you switched between them so seamlessly. The way you all rolled around and wrestled with each other was amazing. Very enjoyable custom! Many thanks to yourself and your opponents for such a great video.



sicwre88โ€™s customs never fail to exceed expectations. he ensures he knows exactly what you want and delivers amazing videos in a timely manner. if you want a custom, you wonโ€˜t be disappointed with him.



excellent video!


Anonymous buyer

The custom is really amazing! It's clear to see that you've put in a lot of effort into making a really enjoyable video. I really liked the variety of holds you included and the ending was very exciting! It felt like a genuine match. It seemed like you and your opponent had fun too, which is important. Many thanks to yourself, Andreawrestling, and your cameraperson!

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