Hello Fighters,

Exactly one year ago our third brother site went online!

We celebrate this with an anniversary sale where over 400 videos are on sale with up to 50% discount!

If you don't know what WatchFighters is, in a nutshell, it is a place where everyone can upload and monetize his homemade wrestling videos! As a viewer, you can simply use your MeetFighters or ChatFighters account to log in. No need to create a separate account.

Please join us in celebrating WatchFighters's Happy Birthday!

Stay Safe!
-- Admin

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We are rapidly approaching the second year of WatchFighters, and we are planning a small happy birthday party with some discounts!

To all our monetized content creators: Look out for a personal message in the following weeks where we will invite you to join us in celebrating one year of WatchFighters with a discount to all our viewers.

But until then, let's get started with today's massive update!

Design changes

We redesigned some major parts of the site, starting with the settings page and the video upload page. Both got fairly crowded over the past almost-year. It's our fault -- we just kept adding more and more features for you! :) Hopefully with the new design, they will be more intuitive to use. We know it is no fun to fill out forms, but at least doing so should hurt your eyes less now ;)

We invite you to have a look at your settings page again. We did our best to lay out all of WatchFighter's cool features neatly, with a short description. Maybe you find something you did not know existed! Like today's new feature, which brings us to:

Your fighting roster

You can't fight alone. So, we introduce channel rosters.

Some channels have recurring fighters in their videos. So do viewers have their favorite actors. The new feature brings them together, allowing channels to connect each video to up to 6 fighters. And viewers can see at one glance who is part of the video, and if they like them, see all other videos the actor features in.

You can create a page for as many of your fighters as you wish. Upload a few pictures, add an introduction video, and make them available for your custom requests. And as every channel is unique, our fighter stats are not hard coded: you can come up with the stats you want to present. The default is age, height, and weight, but you can change them or even add more, such as location, favorite hold, or whatever you can come up with!

But most importantly, add the fighter to all videos that they feature in. (The new video upload page has a handy field for this, or you can do this on the fighter's edit page.)

With all that data, WatchFighters will render a beautiful landing page for each of your actors. We make sure everything is cross-linked neatly on our site and easy to find for your viewers. We also introduced a new tab for your fighters on your main channel page, presenting your full roster. With one click, your viewer can see all videos there appear. And directly request a custom video.

If your channel is set up to accept custom requests, available fighters will display there and can be directly selected from the requester.
Soon, the channel editor will be updated, featuring a new panel for your roster.

Sounds good? Then get started:
On the "Settings" page, find " You, the Creator", and click on:

Best Regards,

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Today we are bringing two minor Easter updates. Enjoy!

  • Video mouse over playback implemented. Hover over a video thumbnail to see the first seconds as a preview.
  • Channel specific Video Tags. Add tags to your videos and let your viewers filter them on your channel's "Videos" tab.

Additionally, we have improved the loading time of our main page.
And, as always, continuous bug fixes. :)

Best Regards,

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Our payout process has been adjusted, effective April 2022.

Short version

  • To be eligible for automatic payout, you need either a payable amount over $100.00, or no payouts in the last 60 days, whichever happens sooner. Payouts happen once per week, usually on Sunday. You can check the exact date on your Wallet page.

Longer version

Automatic payouts are initiated on Sundays, meaning the money should be in your bank account on Monday.

To be eligible for an automatic payout, you needed to have at least $100 (100EUR / 100GBP) payable in your wallet. "Payable" is all your revenue, excluding sales made in the last 48 hours. Your Wallet page shows your payable amount in real-time, including the next estimated payout date.

NEW: Starting in April 2022, we additionally make automatic payments to channels that have not yet reached $100 if the last payment was made more than 60 days ago. As usual, automatic payouts are free of charge. This is to the benefit of smaller channels that only earn small amounts of money. You can still request a manual payout, following the appropriate link in your wallet. But we hope with these changes, this will no longer be necessary.

Disclaimer: While we aim for Sunday payouts, unexpected circumstances, as well as bank holidays, can modify the actual payout. We reserve the right to make the automatic payments somewhat earlier or later. Please refer to your wallet to determine when WatchFighters initiated your last payout.

Best Regards,

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Today's update brings another new feature that will allow you to promote and highlight videos that are part of a collaboration with another channel here on WatchFighters.

If you and your friend both have a WatchFighter channel and created a video together, you can now mark the other Channel as Collaborator.
Doing so will have the following effect:

  • The video is added on both channels
    • the comment section and view count will be the same
  • Under the video, both channels will be displayed.
  • Optionally, you can automatically share revenue generated by this video with the other Channel.
    • You can select between 0% - 100% of revenue to share. WatchFighters will automatically transfer the right amount to the partner's wallet - no additional costs apply.
    • Selecting 0% (or 100%) means only one of you will get the revenue, which might be helpful in situations where you only want to highlight the video and contribution of your partner channel. But your financials of the collaboration was already covered beforehand.
    • Tips are Channel exclusive and will not be shared
    • Subscriptions are not affected and will not be shared

How does it work:

  1. Decide upfront which of you uploads the video - only one of you needs to do the steps below.
    1. the 2nd Channel will become notified to confirm the collaboration before the video is added to his Channel.
  2. Upload a new video
    1. Or edit an existing video (in this case, only new purchases will be shared)
  3. In the new "Collaboration" section, select the channel name of your co-creator.
  4. Use the slider to split the revenue; The default is 50-50%
    1. Select 0% if you want to keep all the earnings.
    2. Select 100% if you wish the partner channel should get all the earnings.
    3. (Revenue is video price minus your site cut minus your charity and VAT - if applicable, the rest will be shared based on your selection.)
  5. Click "Save".
  6. The new video will be added to your Channel as usual.
  7. From now on, all new purchases will be shared based on your choice.
  8. The 2nd Channel receives a notification with the details of your settings. Only once he confirms the collaboration will the video be displayed on his Channel.

As usual, both your wallets will transparently inform you how much money you sent or received for the video.
A new collaboration filter is available under Your Content, with some quick actions to stop a collaboration and remove a video if needed.
Each of you still has complete control over his Channel at any time.

Best Regards,

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