Custom Requests are here. Viewers; post your (kinky) wishes! Content creators; enable the new function on your settings.



The year's first update brings Custom requests: Viewers can ask content creators to fulfill their dreams in a secure and easy-to-use way. In addition, content creators who might need some inspiration can browse the open requests section to create unique personal content.

The system is built with privacy in mind, allowing the viewer to stay anonymous if he decides to do so. But at the same time, Content creators know when WatchFighters received their money and can start the video production.

We hope this will bring viewers and creators closer together.

  • Creators: Enable custom content in your settings so viewers can find you!
    • There is also a new panel available for your channel editor.
  • Viewers, start your first request, or approach one of the creators directly.

You can open as many requests as you wish. There is nothing wrong with letting the same idea be fulfilled by multiple channels. Our system allows you to have various private conversations in parallel.

Some other recent minor updates and goodies that might have missed:

  • Channels can now refund directly using a link in their wallet.
  • Channels can send a message to all fans or sponsors at once. You find this option on your settings page.
  • If you purchased a video and it gets deleted, channels are now required to add a reason. You still have 30 days to enjoy the content.
  • Anonymous voting on posts is now possible too.
  • Improvements to the dashboard for the yearly timeframe.
  • Continuously improving the layout and responsiveness of the site, including bug fixing. Please report any errors you might experience -- we can't fix what we don't know about.

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Today we launch the biggest update yet. It is packed full of new features!

  • Channel polls
  • Channel search
  • Channel Guest book
  • This and even more comes with our brand new Channel editor
Customize your channel page using 17 different panels to create a unique look and feel for your content. Then, mix and match these panels to generate the page you like. Content will be pulled in dynamically based on your settings.
In a nutshell, you can use this feature as a simplified version of a website builder, while WatchFighters does all the heavy lifting in the background, pick and choose the layout you like.
Have a look at our inspiration and examples to see what is possible: Channel editor - inspiration and examples
We also have a Q&A about channel editor - Yes, it is totally free. No hidden costs.
And of course optional, but we put a lot of work into it, we would appreciate if you try it out and let us know, report bugs, and help us improve WatchFighters!

NOTE: WatchFighters is still in BETA and so is our brand new channel editor, expect bug fixes during the next few days. If you find an error or have improvement ideas, Please contact us.

And to get started, follow the simple steps form our Channel editor - Quickstart:
  1. Enable Customize your channel page.
  2. Review the default panel layout, and use the delete, and up-down arrow to rearrange your layout.
  3. Use the "Add panel" button to add new panels from the list.
  4. If you are unsure click on the "?" on the top left corner of each panel to get a summary of its function.
  5. Select for each panel the left or right column (only takes effect on wide screens (not on smartphones and most tablets)
  6. Highlight information by giving it another panel color.
  7. Check your result with the "Preview" button.
  8. If you like it, click on "Save".
  9. (At any time you can adjust or reset your channel layout)

Voting and Polls

We noticed you used the post option to ask some questions to your members, why this is a great way to interact. Some people might be hesitant to answer, so with today's update, VOTES are available too.

Useful links:

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Site News #9 Tips


Like what you see - leave a tip!

Channels can now receive a tip from their viewers and fans!
All information is in our Help Center: Receiving or sending Tips
In a nutshell:

  • All monetized channels are enabled for receiving tips.
  • Tips are processed with a low site cut fee of only 8%
  • Later this month, we will release the channel editor, which allows you to receive tips directly (without the need for a video purchase)
    • EDIT: You can also tip directly by going to the channels about page and clicking 'Tip Me'.

Useful links:

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With today's update, we are granting the wish of a few channels: gift codes.

Gift codes

  • You can now share any monetized video or post by creating a gift code for your viewer to redeem.
  • Currently, this is limited to posts; gifting subscriptions are not possible yet.
    • Please let us know what you think! Discount codes? Trial version of subscriptions? Anything else? - And why - as this is critical for prioritizing futures updates. Of course everyone wants everything ;)
  • Contact us for an exception regarding gift codes fees.

Primary Channel Video

And in case you missed it, you can now select a primary channel video.
Open your Account settings and select a primary video.
This video will always be shown if a member visits your main channel page.

We continue to bring you more bug fixes and minor changes such as new icons. We are also fine-tuning our video renderer, resulting in better video quality if the source video has a lot of pixel noise.

Useful links:

What's next?

If all goes well, the next update will focus on full channel customization! Think about a website builder for your channel. - Stay tuned!

Best regards,

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Site News #7 Dashboard


Today's update introduces the recently released notification center - accessible over the bell icon on the top.

For content creators, we introduce a brand new dashboard, replacing the old settings page.

The dashboard shows you the number of views, preview views, sales, and profits created. It also provides you with all links needed to change or verify any settings.
All notification messages previously sent to your mail inbox got moved to the new notification area.

The dashboard also features some graphs showing you your revenue, fans and viewa over time. Data collection for this graphs was enabled a week ago, so that is how far the data goes back.

Privacy statement: All data is collected inside WatchFighters, and not referenced with any 3rd party products like google analytics or similar. As a viewer and creator, you can ensure that no data will be sold or moved to any system outside WatchFighters.

The current dashboard is the first step to provide you with more feedback on how your videos are performing in the long term. We plan to extend the capabilities in the following weeks and months to come.

On top of that, we added more minor changes, bug fixes, and improvements in the past weeks.

Best Regards

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