Site News #8 Gift codes


With today's update, we are granting the wish of a few channels: gift codes.

Gift codes

  • You can now share any monetized video or post by creating a gift code for your viewer to redeem.
  • Currently, this is limited to posts; gifting subscriptions are not possible yet.
    • Please let us know what you think! Discount codes? Trial version of subscriptions? Anything else? - And why - as this is critical for prioritizing futures updates. Of course everyone wants everything ;)
  • Contact us for an exception regarding gift codes fees.

Primary Channel Video

And in case you missed it, you can now select a primary channel video.
Open your Account settings and select a primary video.
This video will always be shown if a member visits your main channel page.

We continue to bring you more bug fixes and minor changes such as new icons. We are also fine-tuning our video renderer, resulting in better video quality if the source video has a lot of pixel noise.

Useful links:

What's next?

If all goes well, the next update will focus on full channel customization! Think about a website builder for your channel. - Stay tuned!

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2021-09-26 22:51

Wowwwww pretty cool - I could use this on occasion or have a contest and gift to the winner. I did miss the updated on pinned video so thanks for the reminder