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About me

Brooos! Good to be here and I’m excited to be putting out some quality content. Thanks a ton to my fans so far!! I try to adjust what I do based on the feedback and comments so keep it coming.

Please please please give me a follow and hit me up on meetfighters if you want a match.

I donate some of my revenue to the Tyler Clementi Foundation because I was bullied as a kid and want to help out people in the same spot - wrestling toughened me up a bit and I hope my videos or the donations make a difference.

My stats

My name: Palaman (Bryan)
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Gender: M (He, Him, His/Bruh, Breh, Bruv)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 170lbs
Fighting style: Competitive wrestling and JiuJitsu
Favorite workout: Rowing
Hobbies: Sailing and grappling
My mottos: 'Keep moving forward' and 'you do you'

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I respond to respectful messages in <48 hours

Charity info

Palaman is donating 15.00% of their earnings to the following charity: Tyler Clementi Foundation.

Palaman has collected $588.54 for charity.
Tip me

Hey bromos - thank you so much for the support. Views and comments mean the most to me but if you are willing to tip me I am greatly appreciative!

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Join Date2021-05-13
Channel visits28699
Donated for charity$588.54
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Guest book


2021-12-27 06:44

You are one of the men I want to wrestle and combat against the most. :-)


2021-11-22 03:01

I. Love. Comments!!!! Please leave a message about my channel, my videos or ideas for future direction

Future Channel Focus
What type of matches should I focus on?

Hey brohemios - Just looking for your opinion and feedback here - leave me your thoughts on the types of matches I should film

  • Competitive JiuJitsu (10 votes)
  • Competitive Wrestling (25 votes)
  • Beginner Boxing (5 votes)
  • Instructional JiuJitsu (4 votes)
  • Erotic Wresting (53 votes)
  • Erotic JiuJitsu (13 votes)
This poll is closed.