Site News #7 Dashboard


Today's update introduces the recently released notification center - accessible over the bell icon on the top.

For content creators, we introduce a brand new dashboard, replacing the old settings page.

The dashboard shows you the number of views, preview views, sales, and profits created. It also provides you with all links needed to change or verify any settings.
All notification messages previously sent to your mail inbox got moved to the new notification area.

The dashboard also features some graphs showing you your revenue, fans and viewa over time. Data collection for this graphs was enabled a week ago, so that is how far the data goes back.

Privacy statement: All data is collected inside WatchFighters, and not referenced with any 3rd party products like google analytics or similar. As a viewer and creator, you can ensure that no data will be sold or moved to any system outside WatchFighters.

The current dashboard is the first step to provide you with more feedback on how your videos are performing in the long term. We plan to extend the capabilities in the following weeks and months to come.

On top of that, we added more minor changes, bug fixes, and improvements in the past weeks.

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