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The 1st of video of a 2 brand new video show with Toby getting a little aggressive with his older victim! Breeze before the storm, Toby forces his victim to watch him flex and pose and then It all kicks off where Toby then rips into his unsuspecting victim. Toby then goes to town by pinning the guy down then with a series of head scissors, punches and basically teasing the hell out of the older chap..

This video also contains a full bonus clip Toby Grappling (A Different View / Angle)

Two videos in this series. Can be purchased separately and or 30% off with a bundle package! Filmed 16/09/23 Over 1 hour of viewing when purchased in bundle!

Teased By Toby: Video 2

#twink bodybuilder #twink muscle boy #wrestling twink #fight twink #bodybuilder wrestling
Bundle 2 85:45
Teased By Toby: Videos 2 ﹠ 3
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Teased By Toby: Video 2

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