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Subscribe to Muscleboy Wrestling for $14.99 per month
The subscription covers 7 of 177 monetized videos (in addition to 80 free videos) offered by the channel.

Welcome to our sponsor page! We will be providing a bunch of hot behind the scenes videos and a few full wrestling videos from our vault. All for low subscription price. We will regularly be uploading new content so stay tuned.

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2023-09-11 06:17

Nice 👊👊👊👊👊


2023-08-09 19:09

Def sounds like a waste of money - I read that only 7 of the 142 vids were even included. - def not fair - I will look elsewhere


2023-07-16 20:00

I signed up for subscription. But i cant tell what it is a i can access that i wasnt able to before i paid. It seems like not much, if anything at all.
Please clarify


2023-06-01 23:30

I did exactly the same, subscription is not worth bothering with, i should have figured it out. One thing is for sure I shall not waste another penny on this channel.


2023-05-26 18:23

I should have read more closely the paragraph in the "Sponsor/Subscription" box. If I had, I would have paid more attention to the phrase, "a few full wrestling videos," because that's exactly what is meant. In other words, even though most of the Muscleboy videos are full of hot content well shot, you end up paying the initial fee of $14.99 to sponsor a page where the vast majority of content consists only of very brief preview videos. It's pretty much a waste, unless you're either prepared to shell out 20-plus dollars to watch each full video offered here or you find glimpses of what you're missing more satisfying than frustrating. Too bad...

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