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About me

Hey guys.
Just a Mexican grey wolf, showing some really good matches!
I´m opened to custom requests.
If you want to make a collaboration, please, send me a message.

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Contact me
Wrestlethewolf accepts requests for custom videos

I accept custom requests, just send me a message.
Sometimes I don't log in a lot so if I don't reply, just send me a heads up thru my Twitter or mail
Mail: [email protected]

Custom Request

Guest book

Lobo is one of the HOTTEST models I had ever seen. I absolutly love his content, he is so sexy in his actitude, his charming and cocky personality. and THAT BODY!! come on!!
My favorite MEXICAN sexy WOLF!!

I specially recomend this videos:
Ryu vs Ken: Footjob Domination Match
Ryu Edges Ken with Post-Orgasm Torment
Ryu vs Ken: Videogame Cosplay Match
Lobo´s balls destroyed


17 days ago

lobo doesn’t do actual ballbusting anymore lol it’s all fake now


2023-11-06 22:56

can we play, erotic play in tight gear, lots of cock rubbing in holds want to get you off Dennis