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As you know, most of my matches are real wrestling matches. They usually end up with similar outcomes, me on top. But watch as this newcomer, Xgongiveittoya (I call him X for short), dominates me all over the matroom.

X is a trained BJJ practitioner. With a blue belt and medals in both gi and no-gi competitions, he's one of the more skilled guys I've had the honor of facing. And it shows immediately. Watch as we battle for best 3 of 5 submissions to determine domination stakes. You'll see Denzel as you never have before.

Denzel, Dominated´╣áDrained w/ X (­čĺŽ ending)

#Competitive #Armbars #Crotch2Face #Domination #Erotic

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Denzel, Dominated´╣áDrained w/ X (­čĺŽ ending)

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