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Hey guys! I'm an amateur wrestler that has been on Meetfighters for 8+ years. I remember finding amateur and home wrestling videos on youtube and loving every minute of them. It helped me to find Meetfighters. I'm excited to be able to put some content out there for others to enjoy now too.

This channel will showcase grappling or submission wrestling for the most part, but you can expect to see other styles here and there.

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AZ accepts requests for custom videos

Message me if you want to setup a custom match request.

This could be that you want me to take on a certain opponent or type of opponent (including you 😉). Or do a certain match style. Either way, I'm willing to discuss how I can fulfill your fantasy.

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15 days ago

I support you dude. I cannot wait to meet you in person and lock up. May you find more men worth meeting. :-)


15 days ago

Liking your videos bro - lookin good my friend
Would love to wrestle you !