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Hey guys! I'm Denzel Dixon (or you may know me as AZknockout) and welcome to my page! I'm an amateur grappler that has been on Meetfighters for a decade.

I remember finding amateur and home wrestling videos on youtube and loving every minute of them. It helped me to find Meetfighters. I'm excited to be able to put some content out there for others to enjoy now too.

This channel will showcase grappling or submission wrestling for the most part, but you can expect to see other styles from time to time.

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First to Cum Oil Match w/ Ethan Axel Andrews (💦 Ending)

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First to cum loses, Oil match

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When you sponsor me, you are paying for access to all my full-length matches (this excludes matches of mine posted on a collaborator’s page) and 6+ compilation clips of your guys’ favorite moves! I can’t promise new matches every month, but I work hard to bring you guys new content as often as I can.

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Sponsors, feel free to reach out and let me know what kind of matches you want to see. I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys!

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One Round w/ Swiss-Fighter
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2023-06-25 14:32

Congratulations for all your content and also for the great opponents that colaborate on your vids. Absolutely will be hot and fantastic rassling and wrestling on a oiled mat you vs a twink wrestler on speedo and then ripped.


2023-06-24 17:28

Pretty much all your content is amazing. Especially wanna see you trash talking your opponent as you slowly wear them down, letting us see them wilt under your physical and verbal assault until they're putty in your hands and you're able to do whatever you want to them >:3


2023-06-24 08:30

Love all the content you do, especially when you beat up bigger guys in hot and erotic way. Love all the gear, ball grabbing, schoolboy pins and other cocky moves. Can't wait to see what's coming next!


2023-06-15 23:02

Need more clips with you getting gut punched!


2023-03-25 01:00

If you are ever in Georgia - I would llike to meet up. We would have a good time my friend.