Beast vs The Shadow
#jobber #heel #squash #mask #piledriver

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Beast vs The Shadow

#jobber #heel #squash #mask #piledriver
planted pinned
This post costs $13.00 to purchase.

The Shadow decides to climb in the ring with the big and beefy Beast. His mask keeps his face completely hidden, probably an attempt to intimidate the Beast. It doesn't work.

Beast starts off dragging Shadow down to the mat and clamping Shadow's masked head between Beast's meaty thighs. A tight full nelson later and Shadow is flat on his stomach with 250+ lbs on his back, his legs pulled backwards in a wicked boston crab. Beast forces Shadow to look into the camera during another submission hold when Shadow finally says "I give, sir."

"That's one." Beast says, and now we know there is plenty more brutality to come.

Beast continues to work Shadow's back with a few elbow drops and a massive body splash across his spine. Shadow kicks out of a pin attempt but is led right into a DDT that lays him out. Beast covers him with his beefy bod but only manages to get another two count. Frustrated, Shadow gets two headbutts before his head is clamped again in between those strong beefy thighs. A standard head scissor turns into a figure four head scissor and the Shadow's lights go out. A 3 count pin is academic but Beast pulls Shadow up after the 2 for more punishment. Shadow gets planted with one of Beast's now infamous piledrivers, pinned, and pulled up after 2 AGAIN.

This pattern of heel bad-assery continues for the rest of the match. Beast constantly pulls Shadow up after fake pins, refusing to get the win, until Shadow is just a puddle of goo on the map. A classic sleeper and dragon sleeper put Shadow to sleep, another piledriver lays him out, and a MASSIVE full-body splash crushes Shadow into the mat.

When an official 10 count pin finally ends the match, Beast still isn't finished. He pulls shadow up for one more piledriver, planting him into the mat, and owning him until the screen as black as Shadow's mask.

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