Site news #22 Going Social - Share on social media

Dear All and Dear Social media,

Today we "go social" and add the ability to easily share your content.

Use the new share icon on any video page to share your post on all common platforms. Alternatively, you can copy a shortened link, or generate a QR code.


You can also share your main channel page.

And while you are already on Twitter, consider following on our new accounts! We will highlight content and inform you about (unplanned) maintenance or outages.

Best Regards,
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2022-10-02 17:53

It’s an interesting idea, but is there a way for us to Opt Out of this feature so my stuff can’t be shared?

I’d hope that my viewers would practice discretion, but I don’t want *everyone* to have the ability to share my wrestling posts across super mainstream social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

That’s why I exclusively post my content on niche sites like WatchFighters and OnlyFans (so people can’t randomly stumble upon them), and promote it myself on my private Instagram… I like having control over how people find my page.

Just something to consider.