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Site News #10 Channel editor launched!

Today we launch the biggest update yet. It is packed full of new features!

  • Channel polls
  • Channel search
  • Channel Guest book
  • This and even more comes with our brand new Channel editor
Customize your channel page using 17 different panels to create a unique look and feel for your content. Then, mix and match these panels to generate the page you like. Content will be pulled in dynamically based on your settings.
In a nutshell, you can use this feature as a simplified version of a website builder, while WatchFighters does all the heavy lifting in the background, pick and choose the layout you like.
Have a look at our inspiration and examples to see what is possible: Channel editor - inspiration and examples
We also have a Q&A about channel editor - Yes, it is totally free. No hidden costs.
And of course optional, but we put a lot of work into it, we would appreciate if you try it out and let us know, report bugs, and help us improve WatchFighters!

NOTE: WatchFighters is still in BETA and so is our brand new channel editor, expect bug fixes during the next few days. If you find an error or have improvement ideas, Please contact us.

And to get started, follow the simple steps form our Channel editor - Quickstart:
  1. Enable Customize your channel page.
  2. Review the default panel layout, and use the delete, and up-down arrow to rearrange your layout.
  3. Use the "Add panel" button to add new panels from the list.
  4. If you are unsure click on the "?" on the top left corner of each panel to get a summary of its function.
  5. Select for each panel the left or right column (only takes effect on wide screens (not on smartphones and most tablets)
  6. Highlight information by giving it another panel color.
  7. Check your result with the "Preview" button.
  8. If you like it, click on "Save".
  9. (At any time you can adjust or reset your channel layout)

Voting and Polls

We noticed you used the post option to ask some questions to your members, why this is a great way to interact. Some people might be hesitant to answer, so with today's update, VOTES are available too.

Useful links:

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