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Questions and answers about the channel editor

1) How much does channel customization cost?
It is free, and also available for non monetized channels.
2) Do I have to spend time customizing my channel?
No, as with most features on WatchFighters, this is entirely optional. Try it out. You can always revert to default.
3) It does not work.
WatchFighters is still considered BETA. If you notice a problem, PLEASE report it to us
4) What does panel X do?
Each panel type has a question mark in the top left corner, providing you a detailed overview of the purpose and settings of each panel type.
5) How to enable it?
Go to your channel settings, and select Customize your channel page .
6) I want to start a poll or guest book but can't find it.
Polls and guest books are only available if you select customize channel. There you can add the poll or guest book panel.
7) Where is the channel search?
The channel search is on top of each channel, indicated by the magnifying glass. Additionally, you can use the search panel, more prominently display it.
Can I change the video and post tabs too?
No, currently, you can only customize the home tab. For viewers and visitors, it gives the advantage always to find your videos, regardless of how you choose to design your channel.
How many panels can I add?
You can choose from 17 different panel types and add up to 20 to your home page.

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