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Joined 2021-06-05

I watching old school pro on tv and loving it. Now I have fun rolling with jobbers, heels and everyone in between. All of my matches feature classic pro moves and finishers like piledrivers, pedigrees, body slams, sleeper holds, and body splashes. I love matches with a classic pinfall finish. Count to 3, 5 or 10 - doesn't matter to me. Keep an eye out for my neck breakers and my sweet Corkscrew finisher because it always gets me the ding-ding-ding.

Rather see me get bossed around by a bigger or smaller guy? I've got videos for that too.

Wanna roll with me? Check out my profile on

Follow Me at

planted pinned accepts requests for custom videos

Pro, pro fantasy, submission video requests all welcome. Jobber heel, back and forth, squash matches, dirty tactics, trash talking, etc. All good.

None of my videos will show my face. I also don't do any sex or nudity. Light erotic is considered on a case by case basis, like facesitting, crotch pins, grinding, grabbing, etc.

Send over your match ideas and preferences for moves, gear, etc.

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