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2022-02-21 04:03

I would love to see more stakes matches. First to cum loser bottoms match. Add submissions to get time added to get the opponent closer tk cumming. Competitive matches. You are a hot man and a nice booty to add ;-) putting it on the line would be a hot thing to watch.


2022-02-05 20:31

I like the matches where its a good back and forth, but with hard bulges and cocks that slip/pop out. No stripping of the gear... I have a gear fetish, so a hard guy in gear is such a super turn on for me. Your body is great, and I loved your recent match on BWN where your cocked popped out of your gear. If you could ever coax Ace Aarons/Ghost into a bulge vs bulge match....OH MY would that be a barn burner. Hope to see more soon. Scott


2022-02-05 16:42

You are a pleasure to watch,From Joe(Steeleyes on M/F)


2022-01-06 00:29

Thank you @Billofvt :-)
Your words are appreciated. :-D


2022-01-02 22:56

ClaymoreAlexander I love your matches here as you go all out for the videos and you do a great job, Bill from Vermont


2021-12-31 00:18

I would appreciate your comments in my guest book. - Claymore Alexander

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My name: Claymore Alexander
Gender: I use my penis.
Height: 5'10
Weight: 168
Location: Braddock, PA (Pittsburgh Metropolitan Area)
Spoken language: English, Music
Fighting style: Boxing, Muay Thai, and I continuously learn to wrestle better. :-)
Favorite workout: Abs Training, Ab rolls, Jump Rope; I am learning to love lifting heavy weights.
My motto:

About me

I want for media to contain more people like me. This is the reason I created this channel. Pornography uses the same men, same types, same scenes. It's time for new things to be made. I film and produce for Plutonian Productions.

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