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About me

Well Hello There!

I am 6'3 500lbs and I enjoy nothing more than using tiny guys as my seat! There is no better feeling than picking them up and tossing them around like rag dolls.

I'm based in the southern US, so if you're traveling this way and want to collaborate, let’s chat!

Please Read: I’m one of the nicest guys you’ll ever know but I can’t accommodate all requests, all chats and all people. I’m not getting rich off this, I work full time and do this for fun. The guys I work with know I post the videos online and they want to be paid, home videos don’t seem to do well so I need to get a hotel and that costs money, the person who edits for me wants to get paid and so on. So I’m sorry but I can’t give you free videos, I can’t make full length custom videos for 15 dollars and I can’t do dangerous things with guys who I could potentially hurt (I’m fucking huge 😂) - just please be realistic with your requests and honest about your intentions. Thank you!

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Making content is something that I love to do but it can be costly and time consuming! If you'd like to help out, it would greatly appreciated :)

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