Double Domination 3
##bear ##bodybuilder ##squash ##twink ##muscle

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Double Domination 3

##bear ##bodybuilder ##squash ##twink ##muscle
This post costs $20.00 to purchase. This post is not a part of the channel subscription and can be purchased separately.

6'3 500lb & 6'3 330lb vs 5'5 115lb

Introducing Big Bull!
When he reached out to me, I decided to give him a trial...
His pure power blew me away!

He's ready to crush anyone and everyone but we started off extra small and he didn't disappoint!

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PA Wrestler

3 days ago

This is like all I need in life 😝

PA Wrestler

3 days ago

Crazy awesome duo!!


5 days ago

I loved it :D the muscle man is so hot! I would love to see you both dogpiling on top to flatten the skinny guy like a pancake >:D


19 days ago

Great video ! Please make just lift and carry for other video, will be great lift him upside down by he’s ankles


19 days ago

That full weight sit on his chest was INSANE! I’d love to see the two of you pile on top of him next time.


21 days ago

One of the best size difference videos out there. Well done on the recruit of the strongman. Incredible strength and body. Can't wait to see more of him.


22 days ago

OMG Bigman! You are making all my dreams coming true!
Congratz to everyone, even to the cameraman!
The size of the three of you is just perfection, can't wait for Big Bull to get more confident and start using all his weight combine with yours.
Thank you so much from Italy <333


23 days ago

bigman this video is amazing, i really wish you did more of the lifting its way more mind blowing when you lift small guys like their nothing ...would love to see a video dedicated to just you and that small guy i think that's everyone here's dream, your awesome you should deffo do more lifting, I'm here for it and can't wait for the day you make that video it will blow minds your my dream come true


23 days ago

Amazing video. You guys use the small boy well. Great chemistry as a squash tag team. The size difference is so hot.


23 days ago

gotta be the luckiest guy around! loved when you guys sat on the couch and sat on him. cant wait to see more with this big guy. his body is unreal oh my god. cant wait to see him get meaner with his weight and really throw it around