Ultimate Domination squares off with up-and-coming heel, Pandemonium4444, in this pro wrestling match.

Pandemonium4444 has made a splash on the underground wrestling scene by destroying and humiliating everyone of his opponents so far. And when Ultimate Domination heard about him and his undefeated record, he knew he had to take on this new heel.

When Ultimate Domination arrives he’s surprised that the fierce opponent he heard so much about was hardly the intimidating figure he was expecting. But has Ultimate Domination UNDERESTIMATED his opponent?

What follows is an intense pro wrestling battle with high paced back-and-forth action.

Can Pandemonium4444’s technical skills trump Ultimate Domination’s size and power advantage? Or will Pandemonium4444 rack up his first loss at the hands of the big man?

In the end, one man unloads a waterfall of cum all over his opponents lifeless body!

UNDERESTIMATED: Ultimate Domination vs Pandemonium4444

Ultimate Domination

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UNDERESTIMATED: Ultimate Domination vs Pandemonium4444

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