Site news #24 Wishlist and bundle update

Dear all,

Bundles update!
Our Content Creators created way over 100 bundles in the past three weeks! Plenty of them with up to 50% discount!

While bundles appear automatically on associated videos, as of today, we make it even easier for viewers to find and browse them:

  • A new Browse category displays all bundles on WatchFighters.
  • And on top of each channel page, we display bundles as well. You can share the link to this page with your fans!

For our viewers, we implemented a new feature that we call "the Wishlist".

Do you like a video, but not ready to buy it just yet? Add it to your private Wishlist, and at your next checkout, the system will remind you of it again.

Best Regards,

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2022-11-20 15:09

Is you payment system not working? I get error 404 the last 2 days when i\ click on add to cart

The Tech

2022-11-20 15:11

(In reply to this)

Yes, the payment system is working.
And I see you had a successful payment yesterday.
If you still have trouble please Contact us.


2022-11-20 17:18

(In reply to this)

I also have the same issue. When I click on cart, the site responds with a 404 not found.


The Tech

2022-11-20 21:09

(In reply to this)

Please try again, should be fixed.