Site News #7 Dashboard


Today's update introduces the recently released notification center - accessible over the bell icon on the top.

For content creators, we introduce a brand new dashboard, replacing the old settings page.

The dashboard shows you the number of views, preview views, sales, and profits created. It also provides you with all links needed to change or verify any settings.
All notification messages previously sent to your mail inbox got moved to the new notification area.

The dashboard also features some graphs showing you your revenue, fans and viewa over time. Data collection for this graphs was enabled a week ago, so that is how far the data goes back.

Privacy statement: All data is collected inside WatchFighters, and not referenced with any 3rd party products like google analytics or similar. As a viewer and creator, you can ensure that no data will be sold or moved to any system outside WatchFighters.

The current dashboard is the first step to provide you with more feedback on how your videos are performing in the long term. We plan to extend the capabilities in the following weeks and months to come.

On top of that, we added more minor changes, bug fixes, and improvements in the past weeks.

Best Regards

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Hello again!

Thank you for using the site and reporting errors and new feature ideas. Please keep doing so!

Some of the ideas you sent us got implemented in today's site update:

  • Video download
    • Content creators can now make videos available for download.
    • To enable downloads, click on 'edit' on the your-content page, and scroll down to the last option: 'Download.'
    • We automatically provide downloads for .mp4 and .webm to ensure maximum compatibility and quality.
    • On the preview page of each video, you can see if the download option got activated by the content creator - before you buy the content.
    • Content creators can decide for each video individual if they are allowing downloads.
    • For existing videos, you can edit your video and enable or disable the download option at any time.
    • If a video is not available for download, you can contact the channel and ask if he might consider enabling the option.
    • Downloading videos is also available for free and restricted videos.
  • The wallet got improved and also added to the primary user menu (top right user icon). In addition, the wallet also now displays the full video title.
  • Multiple bug fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements.
  • E-Mail notification got enabled

Best Regards,

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Site News #5 Search


Thank you for all the Beta Feedback!

We also want to thank our first content creators for trusting WatchFighters and uploading their content! The first payouts happened already!

In the past few days, we implemented a bunch of improvements.

New for Viewers

Today we launch the first version of the search, which can be accessed on the top of the page. You can search for channels, content creators, videos, and categories. And filter the results. - All that you would expect from a modern search.

New for Content Creators

Another improvement is the auto-generating of thumbnails for monetized videos. Content creators have the option to upload a trailer video, some pictures and text to act as a "preview" for their monetized videos and posts. Now this has been made a bit easier: some still frames from a monetized video automatically become "preview" pictures. This is now activated for all monetized videos, but if you do not like it, you can Edit your preview to disable thumbnails again.

You can access the video settings either on the video page itself (directly below your video) or over the "Edit" menus on the Your content page. You also find a new 'show preview' button that lets you quickly validate what visitors see when accessing your monetized video.

The Small Stuff

Other minor improvements from the past days:

  • You can now see the progress of your uploaded videos being encoded.
  • Video problems for MacOS users were fixed.
  • Improved Explore page
  • Bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Better layout on smartphones

Useful links from this News post:

Stay safe!

Best Regards,

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Site News #4 Welcome!

Welcome to WatchFighters!

We reached an incredible number of over 1250 registrations in less than 24h since we opened up the public Beta! This is amazing! We are surprised and happy. The system is stable, minor bugs and glitches are getting fixed on an almost hourly basis. Most of them should not be noticed by any members. However, if you do experience a problem, please let us know.

A big thanks to everyone who uploaded a video, free, paid, or embedded. Your work is bringing the website to life!

We implemented in the past hours:

  • Restricted videos: These are free videos but only accessible to WatchFighters members, but not to unregistered visitors. If you upload or edit a video, you can now choose this new option.
  • Following categories: You are now able to follow a category

I want to share some bullet points of which features are currently in development and will be rolled out during the following days and weeks, once they are 'done'. (follow our ChangeLog to be informed) - in no particular order:

  • Microtransactions: Prices under 5USD(EUR/GBP) - currently, the minimum price which can be selected is $5.00, which is the minimum amount of most credit cards. But for some smaller clips, it might be more helpful to ask for $1.00-3.00. Our solution will be to charge your account with a prepaid amount, e.g $5.00, and then use your charged account to buy low-priced content. - This is entirely optional and only provides more flexibility to monetize your channel.
  • WatchFighters hosted content will be more prominent on the site. You will be able to hide embedded videos of 3rd parties. And focus on the content (free and paid) which is uploaded and mostly exclusive to us.
  • Redesigned Explore page.
  • Filters for free and paid offers.
  • General more filter options and search options.
  • Exclusive channels: If you monetized your channel, you will be able to make it exclusive, which means no other videos - except your own are shows when someone accesses your profile or videos.

These are our current plans for the near future, and as most plans, are subject too change. If you think we forgot or missed something, please let us know!

It might be easy to forget and should not be your concern, but WatchFighters is still in a BETA phase. Please keep this in mind if something is not working perfectly yet :) But let us know, so we can fix it!

More minor updates are posted in the forum ChangeLog. You can subscribe to the forum thread if you want to be informed about new updates which are not worth a news post.

Again a huge thanks, and I hope you find this new journey as existing as we are!

Best Regards,
The Tech

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Another two weeks passed since our closed beta started, and today we are moving into the Open Beta.
At first, a big thanks to all closed beta testers for providing their feedback and testing the site!

The paint is still drying on the site, but most features are implemented and tested during the previous beta phases.

The 'beta' label will be staying for a few more weeks to remind every joiner that WatchFighters is currently under heavy construction, and we are looking forward to more feedback. From visitors, viewers but also from content creators.
Please use the Beta Feedback link in the side menu if you encounter any bugs, problems, or general feedback.

If you want to cooperate with us (exclusive content, help during your setup of the monetized channel, or looking for sponsorship), please contact us.

To our daily newcomers: Welcome to WatchFighters and enjoy the site!

On MeetFighters, an introduction to WatchFighters got posted, which has some more information about the reason behind this project.

Best Regards,

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