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About me


Welcome to Muscle Body Battles, where we're bringing some of the hottest wrestlers and fighters from South America!!

Our MUSCLE BODY BATTLES series feature a fusion of wrestling styles, from freestyle, brute force and MMA, where body contact reigns supreme and provides the visuals you want to see!

To date, we have:
MUSCLE BODY BATTLES VOL 1 where Connor and Christian have at it in their apartment, where muscles strain and struggle reigns.

MUSCLE BODY BATTLES VOL 2 where Connor fends off upstart RODRIGO in a mattress battle that you you have to see to believe (and who wouldn't want to have a tussle with Connor and his muscle!)

MUSCLE BODY BATTLES VOL 3 where hardbodied hot-blooded MMA fighter Jacob takes on his rival in a hot mixed martial arts competition. If you're into technical matches, this is the one to watch and to enjoy... and who wouldn't want a roll on the mats and in the bed with Jacob?

We are now up to Muscle Body Battles Volume 8!

Unlike other companies who blatantly lie to their customers and say there is no blood in their fights, we are committed to saying NO BLOOD EVER.

Unlike other companies who say they don’t use slow motion then you see it in their previews, we are honest when we say we use slow motion but only to enhance the emotional impact of our matches. We use it sparingly.

We are adding to our roster of fighters and will continue to make videos with your generous support! We are also on the lookout for sponsors to support our vision and our fighters.

The fighters are also available for custom videos. Let your mind run wild!

For the best in Muscle Wrestling join us here and purchase our videos!

Thank you for your support!


  • Note: we provide trailers for each video, please make sure you watch them before you make a purchase. We do not provide refunds. Store credit only.
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