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Heating before the combat
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Ordinary workout
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About me

I am a professional Muay Thai fighter and have been training for over 10 years and I also really enjoy MMA or valetudo type fights.

My main goal with this channel is to show some workouts and get feedback. Also display some fights with friends.

Anyone who wishes to propose some type of video that I can produce, I welcome suggestions.

Although this is a very relaxed and fun space and I also have a lot of fun with games and games related to fights like many others, the practice of Muay Thai for me has another very serious side.

I dedicate a large number of hours during my weeks trying to polish movements, increase their complexity, etc. but in particular, I always seek to strengthen an inner dialogue with my feelings and emotions, strengthening this connection.

I'm not a Buddhist and I discovered Muay Thai very far from traditional Buddhism. I always found the close relationship between Buddhism and Muay Thai in Thailand very strange, but the experience made me understand this deep connection between the two.

If you also want to talk and share this other, deeper side, feel free. And if you are Thai, my deepest sympathies for your culture and history; I really want to get to know Thailand and its people.

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