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About me

Hello, my name is Daniel, and I am a beginner at boxing and love to box with my cock and balls on the line, and always up for the challenge of male, female, and trans. If you also like it when I box, I will be called Drake. You can contact me about that if you want as well. Anyone can fight this dragon, and I won't back down until I am knocked out cold and will make requests for people.
Only Fans, if you want to support me more, Also in the future nude boxing matches will happen also I can make videos for here if you want to pay for them they will be in 4k and custom work

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If you like my content on here please leave a tip it can help get better camera and boxing equipment for fights and other things

Maleboxing accepts requests for custom videos

Self-ballbusting, pov shadow boxing and wearing boxing gear, and matches with my opponents with permission the viewer can be an opponent as well also nude boxing matches

Custom Request

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The subscription covers of 2 monetized videos (in addition to 4 free videos) offered by the channel.

If you like the content and would like to sponsor me, I will be your dragon to do so, and you can make special requests even have me box/ fight you no matter what rules the fight is

Contact me

You can contact me on email which [email protected], Phone: 304-596-7799 Discord: Drake Burns#1092 Telegram:

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Join Date2021-05-26
Channel visits3558
My stats

My name: is Daniel Schill (Drake Burns)
Gender: Male
Weight" 258 lbs
Location: Martinsburg, WV
Spoken language: English
Fighting style: Boxing
Favorite workout: Shadowboxing
Hobbies: Gaming, writing, and boxing
My motto: Always keep fighting no matter what happens