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Never expected, but always appreciated!

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About me

Hello fellow wrestlers!

So I'm Michael (the Professional Jobber to you).

I've been filming vids for around 8+ years with Big Connor, Wrestle4aFee and FightFinderEntertainment.
My knowledge predominantly lies in submission wrestling, only done pro stuff a handful of times. And while I can be a cocky heel if that's what a client requests, 9 times out of 10 people who order customs with me just want to see me get beaten up! Which, as a kinky sub jobber who can suffer well, is perfectly fine with me (Exhibit A: my banner photo)!

So if you have a match you want to sponsor between me and your favourite wrestler, or you have anyone in mind that you want to see me go up against, get in touch and we'll see about making your fantasies come true...

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