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About me

Dom Celtic Wrestler. Jock working to return to his former glory.
London lads who think they can put up a fight - DM me 😈

Want to see me fight in something particular?

My stats

My name: CuanLondon
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11
Weight: 98kg
Location: London
Spoken language: English
Fighting style: Wrestling, Amateur, Submission, Muay Thai
Favorite workout: Legs
Hobbies: Sailing, swimming, hiking, reading
My motto: Try everything, keep the good

CuanLondon accepts requests for custom videos

Make your fantasy come true: grappling, domination-submission, gut punches, CBT, bdsm, feet, head scissors, erotic
Contact me if you want to see something in particular, whether solo or with another guy.
Based in London for those that are here or travelling through.

Custom Request