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Fembro Ryan (deleted member)

2023-07-10 06:31

You don’t want this smoke


2023-05-22 14:06

Good morning. I want to see you Strip one of my favorite; Tyson the Hammer, and give him a nice long balls and BIG DICK massage.................................


2023-03-02 22:28

Claymore Alexander, you make great videos and wish I can be in one of them fighting a stud like you and love to take you on also you are a great fighter

Fembro usa (deleted member)

2023-01-31 21:27

I challenge you March 25th Phoenix arizona


2023-01-11 16:11

When you finally going to stop chickening out..

Let's have our match already!


2022-12-25 18:02

I truly hope to wrestle with you someday excellent footage

bnjifghtr (deleted member)

2022-10-31 02:56

I love this bro - similar to my boxing πŸ₯Š training every week as well !!

Horny REF

2022-08-24 13:30

Love the Cover pic.... "Double Biceps Rule!"


2022-08-23 17:10

Great channel. Hope to one day nude wrestle with you.


2022-07-11 20:30

would love to be trapped between those thighs

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Call me Claymore Alexander. This past year has been amazing. I want to thank every single one of my fans and the people who have supported me for all of these years. Thank you. I appreciate your emails. I appreciate your comforting words. When you message me, I will answer eventually. I am willing to film private and custom videos. The goal of this is to be able to create as much content as I can.

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I shoot my own videos. I edit my own videos. I release my own videos. If you are willing to be a sponsor of my site, then I will guarantee that I will give you the best of my attention. :-) Thank you for reading.

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