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Hello wrestlers!

I am into real wrestling and domination.

Sponsoring me you will have my gratitude and full access to my videos, post and fotos of the current month plus the two more played videos.

I will be in touch with you and provide enough material to properly cover the monthly fee and beyond.

Glad to hear your comments.

Thanks for your support.

Let's wrestle!!

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My stats

My name: Beefy Wrestler
Spoken language: English / Spanish
Fighting style: Real/ Competitive
Favorite workout: Wrestling body to body till we cannot more
My motto: Let's wrestle

Real Wrestling
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About me

Love wrestling and dominate guys.
I am amateur but into real wrestling.

Love to be body to body with other man, wrestle till both are completely tired, make it clear who won and worship the Alpha.

My favorite matches end with the Alpha humiliating and owning the loser.

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Love to feel the loser under my balls
Beefy Wrestler