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Mason v. Andy15 (preview)

3604 views - 2022-11-27 21:19

With his clear height and weight advantage, Mason doesn't view challenger Andy as much of a threat, and when Andy gets racked over Mason's shoulders early on, this looks like it will be a super short match. Andy is determined not to be easy prey, though, and before Mason knows that hit him, he finds himself struggling in Andy's rear naked choke, barely escaping a shocking defeat. For all Andy's feistiness, though, Mason can sense that, deep down, he wants to be crushed and dominated. Maybe it's the first hint of precum in Andy's briefs or the way he lingers just a second in Mason's arms before getting up, but Andy's inner jobber is showing, and Mason decides it will be his mission to set him free. Whether it's finger-fucking his horny and helpless opponent, or making him worship his muscles and his hard cock, Mason leaves no doubt who's in charge. Judging by the mess Andy leaves on the mat, he's another very satisfied jobber.

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