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Hi, thank you for your support for buying my videos and watching my free videos, if you want to tip me, is very welcome :)

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Soy un jobber que le gusta recibir (obviamente, ¿Tú no?). Sigo soñando ser un luchador profesional como mis ídolos como Cameron Matthews, Lobo Gris, Ethan Axel Andrews y otros que me inspiran todos los días.

Espero les guste mis vídoes, estoy agradecidos si me has comprado algunos de mis vídeos. También hago dibujos de lucha libre, si estás interesado en comisionar un dibujo mío, simplemente manda inbox.

I'm a jobber who like to job (obviously, don't you?). I'm still dreaming of being a pro wrestler like my idols like Cameron Matthews, Lobo Gris, Ethan Axel Andrews and other who inspire me everyday.

Hope you're enjoying my videos, I'll grateful if you bought some of my videos. I also do wrestling drawings, if you want to commission a drawing, just send me an inbox.

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2023-10-18 20:21

Love your channel! So hot!


2023-07-15 16:54

When you’re coming to London, don’t forget to let me know! 😎🦾


2022-10-14 23:48

Love to wrestle you some time x

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