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If you run or plan to run your Website, we can offer you to migrate or copy your existing content to WatchFighters.
We can also investigate if it is possible to connect to your Website and migrate the content automatically to your channel on WatchFighters.

If you are interested in copy or migrate your content to our site, please contact us.

What are the benefits of choosing WatchFighters for content creators?

  • We only take 10% commission to cover our costs. If you want, you can give us more, or decide to donate. You can change the prices and our cut at any time.
  • A modern constantly updated and maintained website
    • Deep integration in the world's largest Fighting social network
    • Deep integration in the world's largest Cyber Fighting community
    • Ability to request your own features; we demonstrated on ChatFighters and MeetFighters we are listening to the community and feedback, and implement complex solutions even just for a limited amount of members. - Because we have fun coding it, even it might not payback
  • Support Page; Personal support for you and for the viewer in case some problems or questions occur
  • Ability to support a charity of our choice
  • Options for one-time payments or subscription models
  • Fully transparent prices - no hidden costs
  • No contract, start NOW and stop whenever you want
  • All content is provided in HD no extra fees for your viewers or you to access HD
  • Using the latest HD encoding (HEVC and VP9) means your HD content will run on all modern platforms, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
  • We are using a global CDN (Content delivery network) to provide fast and reliable access around the globe

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