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Wonderfully Made

Posted on 2022-12-19#Novel #Promissionwrestling #Juijitsu #Coming of Age
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hen thirteen year old Freddy saw the speedo in the department store he had to have it. It looked just like the trunks the professional wrestlers he so admired wore. However, he had no idea that it would turn his time at John Wesley Bible Camp from bad to intolerable, and it was just one more thing that made him feel like an alien in the very Christian environment he’d been raised in. When he meets Sean things change. The charismatic and incredibly handsome camp counselor teaches Freddy that he can be and do anything he wants, that bruises fade but knowing you’re not afraid will last forever.
Years later, when the two young men find each other again, it’s Freddy who returns the favor. When the struggle between having faith and being queer becomes a wrestling match with lethal consequences
This very personal coming of age story is about finding yourself in a time when acceptance was the exception.