Eros Pankration Match 1

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Eros Pankration Match 1

Jeremy Tyler
This post costs $19.99 to purchase. This post is not a part of the channel subscription and can be purchased separately.

Here it is! My first match in the Eros Pankration. For $19.99, you'll get over 50 minutes of action where Ryan Ripped and I are fighting to win. The match has a twist that I hope you'll enjoy.

Ripped is the first word that will come to your mind when you meet my opponent, Ryan. He's a handsome guy with alluring blue eyes and a tan skin that has been kissed by the California sun.

His good looks are combines with his experience as a high school and collegiate wrestler. The match is not scripted and the winner fought for victory.

I hope you guys enjoy and any and all feedback is welcome.

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2022-03-04 15:08

Oh, my God. Are you sure it's not an elementary school play? There were so many chances to counter, but the opponent was enjoying himself and was really weak. There are too few erotic techniques. You're lucky it's not me, because I'd shut you down, jerk you off and suck the cock until you cum. I wouldn't be afraid to go to 69 for a blowjob, see who has the stamina. Is that the best you can do? I hope there will be more exciting matches in the future.

Jeremy Tyler

2022-03-30 23:57

(In reply to this)

In fact let me make this up to you. I'll send you the next oil match to you with a free gift code as a way to see how the quality is improving and as a way to keep you as a satisfied customer. I think you're going to enjoy the match a lot.

It's not fully competitive, but it's hot as hell.

Jeremy Tyler

2022-03-30 23:52

(In reply to this)

If you're in the United States or Canada. Wanna throw the hat in the ring and see how we do?

I like a good competitive match. In retrsopect the match could've been better and the future matches are getting better. I already filmed another Eros Pankration match, but it'll have to wait until a commitment with another company is met.

I am also filming another Eros Pankration match in April which I think will also be better.

Not everyone is willing to go full bore, so I added an oil match option that is working pretty well.


2022-03-31 18:21

(In reply to this)

At least on this platform, I think your video is very good, and I will continue to support it. Since it's a wrestling match, I think cum should be done during the match, not alone. The winner can be judged by who cums first. If there is an opportunity to wish to have a fierce confrontation with you, let me give you a good lesson, I will force you to cum, even imagine you beg for my life scene.

Jeremy Tyler

2022-03-31 19:05

(In reply to this)

You make excellent points. I made the mistake of not inviting my business partner to supervise the match.

You'll notice in the next two matches he releases the difference as he was heavily involved. You should see the difference in quality . Even the one i released yesterday was done with someone who knows his way around filming.

Thanks for your support and I welcome feedback good and bad. That makes the product better.


2022-01-17 17:02

It's very poor in wrestling technique.. Very poor submissions