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About me

Just your average everyday individual who loves fantasy wrestling. What you can expect to find on this channel are preview clips and full-length semi-pro style, promission, mixed wrestling and one-sided matches.


I am a big fan of submission holds such as the camel clutch, boston crab, ab stretches, back breakers, ceiling holds....pretty much anything bendy!

Follow my channel and watch this grow! Would love to hear feedback, compliments and ideas!

Also, I appreciate any tips/donations as this is used to off-set costs such as
- video and graphic editing software
- travel/gas money to meet for matches
- time spent editing
- gear
- costs for meeting other wrestlers/models

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My stats

My name: Wrestlefan12
Gender: Male
Height: 6'0
Weight: 170lbs
Location: US
Spoken language: English
Fighting style: Fantasy Pro Style
Role: Heel

WatchFighters stats
Join Date2021-05-31
Channel visits17263
wrestlefan12 accepts requests for custom videos

Please keep the details as simple as possible. (We’re not trained professionals)

-Choose Match Type: Pro-Style, One-Sided Domination, Trade Holds, Challenges (ex: camel clutch challenge)

-List of specific moves
-Length of Match: 5-7 min or 8-10 min

*Received script will be the final script and changes may not be accepted once received.

*Please allow time to set up and schedule shooting. This is not a full-time gig and schedules sometimes may not align. I’ll do my best to set it up quickly though.

*Please keep the outline as simple and direct as possible...most times we do not have the time to perform each intricate and specific detail. Specific move, pin, hold. Emphasis on specific move, hold, pin, etc.

*Customs may be made available to general public once produced and delivered to you.

Custom Request

Reviews 3


Excellent. Thank you!



Gave me a great camel clutch video



Great work bro so good 👍 👏

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