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So it’s come to this…a Mason Brooks subscription. I’ve considered turning on subscriptions for a while now but struggled with how to balance it with my new releases, how to fairly compensate my co-creators, and feeling obligated to generate content, but recently a few fans have asked for an all-access, monthly fee option. So here’s the deal:

-$10/month (literally the least I can charge on watchfighters) for everything that’s at least 6 months old. As newer content ages I’ll add it (unless for some reason I don’t have permission from my co-creator).
-Early access to trailers and photo sets for my new content.
-Subscriber-only content: new singlet try-ons, ask-me-anything conversations, etc—let me know what you’d like to see!
-Discounts on custom videos—starting at $300 for 25 minutes instead of $400.

Let’s have fun, boys. 😈

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“The thinking man’s homoerotic wrestler.”

BG East veteran. 🤼‍♂️ Smartass. 🤓 Magical nipples. 🤱🏼

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absolutely incredible. this custom was even better than i imagined it being. excellent communication and fast delivery too. 10/10


Anonymous buyer

Great job! You guys are amazing! Man, that big guy is a BEAST. Thanks so much for doing custom request for me - it is way better than I had expected.



One of the best customs I've ordered. Gave me everything I wanted and Mason was quick and responsive.



Mason, thank you for making this video for me. I just finished watching it. It is fantastic. You are truly a favorite of mine.

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