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Hey guys! I'm Denzel Dixon (or you may know me as AZknockout) and welcome to my page! I'm an amateur grappler that has been on Meetfighters for a decade.

I remember finding amateur and home wrestling videos on youtube and loving every minute of them. It helped me to find Meetfighters. I'm excited to be able to put some content out there for others to enjoy now too.

This channel will showcase grappling or submission wrestling for the most part, but you can expect to see other styles from time to time.

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When you sponsor me, you are paying for access to all my full-length matches (this excludes matches of mine posted on a collaborator’s page) and 6+ compilation clips of your guys’ favorite moves! I can’t promise new matches every month, but I work hard to bring you guys new content as often as I can.

*** My newest matches will be available to subscribers 7 days after going on sale, unless otherwise noted in video's description ***

Sponsors, feel free to reach out and let me know what kind of matches you want to see. I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Highlighted Match

(Trailer) Jocks-n-Cocks 3: Match w/ Swiss-Fighter (💦 Ending)

831 views - 21 hours ago

I met Swiss-Fighter for the first time two years ago. We had one round of competitive rolling but we ended in a draw. Come watch the rematch from my recent meeting with this stud! You’ll get to see some intense grappling as well as more gruesome, sensual, and humiliating moves too. Don’t miss the excitement 💦💦.

Coming July 20 at 9am est.

Higher Intensity Matches
Destroying My Opponents