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About me

I have been fighting and grappling for over thirty years. I have fought hundreds of guys since 1990, and have defeated the vast majority of them. Even now at the age of 70+, I continue to dominate young muscle studs. Feel free to visit my Meetfighters page to learn more about me, and the more than 100+ recommendations from fighters who have battled me in the past. I own homes in NYC and Honolulu, and travel frequently -- often hosting matches in both homes and in my hotels. Feel free to contact me if you are muscular and young and want to challenge the Champ -- especially on video!

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My stats

My name: MuscChamp
Gender: male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 168# (77 kg)
Biceps: 16" (flexed)
Legs: 24" (quads)
Chest: 46"
Location: Honolulu and New York City
Spoken language: English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Chinese (Mandarin)
Fighting style: submission
Favorite workout: weight resistence, flexibility training, intense cardio
Hobbies: language studies, guitar/music, reading by my pool, grappling, cooking, travel, N.Y. Yankees baseball, beating up young muscle studs 😈💪💪
My motto: "Work really hard as if everything depends on you, knowing that everything really depends on God."

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