Get ready for an electrifying showdown as Muscle Stud, Brat Tamer's cocky and muscled rival, makes his debut! 💪 Fresh from the gym, Muscle Stud arrives, showing off his impressive muscles, particularly his powerful quads. Brat Tamer, never one to back down from a challenge, gives Muscle Stud the opportunity to prove his strength by offering his neck to test Muscle Stud's headscissors.
To Brat Tamer's surprise, Muscle Stud is stronger than expected, gaining the upper hand in the first part of the match. But the tables quickly turn as Brat Tamer taps into his ruthless side, breaking free with a barrage of strength. He dominates Muscle Stud in various scissor holds, squeezing the very life out of him! In the end, Tamer proves to all that he is the true alpha! 💪
Don't miss this thrilling debut and intense battle of strength and dominance!
PS: Please comment who you guys think has the better quads! 🦵
-Brat Tamer

New Rival: Brat Tamer vs Muscle Stud!

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Brat Tamer

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New Rival: Brat Tamer vs Muscle Stud!

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