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Wrestlerboxer accepts requests for custom videos

Hey now I can accept custom request by this platform. Any kinky content boxing, or wrestling. I now have a friend with similar stats to do customs

Custom Request


Anonymous buyer

Wow!!! You guys did an AWESOME job! Thank you!!

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CAm boxing erotic
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Tip me and ask me for especial content! (underwear pics, solo videos or ask for a custom).

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Hola, soy un fan de la lucha es algo que me gusta realizar y quiero seguir haciendolo. creo que mi estilo es siempre competitivo tratando de aprender de luchadores con experiencia y tecnica. aún me falta mucho que aprender y dar. siempre fuerte y no me gusta perder facilmente. suelo perder por falta de experiencia. pero cuando lo hago me gusta que mi oponente se sienta agusto, se lo merece por ganarme. estilo semierótico a fuertemente erótico dependiendo mi oponente. suelo excitarme bastante en la lucha.

Hello, I am a fan of wrestling, it is something that I love to do and I want to continue doing it. I think my style is always competitive trying to learn from fighters with more experience and technique than I. I still have a lot to learn and give, always strong and I don't like to lose easily. I usually lose due to lack of experience. but when I do I like my opponent to feel comfortable, he deserves it for beating me. semi-erotic to strongly erotic style depending on my opponent. I tend to get quite aroused in fighting.

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