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About me

6’1 190

Hey all, I’m a sub wrestler who loves to fight rough. Nothing is hotter to me than two men breaking each other down for alpha status. All my matches are competitive and real, often with body punches or ball grabs allowed. Nothing planned out in advance.

Also on Watchfighters, check out my sub matches with Azknockout and Mason Brooks, too.

Lemme know what you think 💪

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Subscribe to Matt Larsen for $12.00 per month

Now that i’ve built up a library and logged some matches, I wanted to experiment with subscriptions. I’ll publish 1-2 wrestling vids a month, the value of which will be $12.99 or more. For $12/month you can have access to my whole library.

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2022-12-31 21:25

Hey bo jo you think your ready for Subwre!!!!


2022-12-10 15:30

Love to see vs Bo Jo! in singleta, jocks and nude!


2022-12-10 15:29

Love all your fights!


2022-12-10 00:22

great matches!!

Bo Jo

2022-12-02 00:15

Looking forward to wrestle with you in 2023!

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Matt Larsen accepts requests for custom videos

Curious about this but not sure, would definitely be interested in competitive sub scenarios. Not super into pro.

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