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Wrestling 2023
What kind of match should be recorded in 2023 for you?

2023 is coming and the big question is, what kind of matches you would like to see. As you can multiple choice, feel free and let me know what's your choice.

  • Jobber (me) - Heel (opponent) match (16 votes)
  • Jobber (opponent) - Heel (me) match (20 votes)
  • Big vs Small match (23 votes)
  • Erotic match (soft - no cumshot included) (5 votes)
  • Erotic match (medium - cumshot included) (16 votes)
  • Erotic match (high - Jockstrap / nude, cumshot included) (21 votes)
  • Submission / Promission (Competitive) (10 votes)
  • Fantasy match (Mix of all styles) (11 votes)
This poll is closed.
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BoJo vs AlexWrestler
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Bo Jo accepts requests for custom videos

Mainly open to any styles of wrestling. Submission, Pro, Promission. Gear can be Singlet, Trunks, Speedos, JockStraps. Sexual content can be jerking off. If a travel has to be done, all travel costs has to be paid by the custom requester. At my place only fights on mats are possible.

Custom Request